The Best All-clad slow cooker, 6.5-quart with black ceramic insert

This All-Clad slow cooker is a product Metalcrafters of Canosburg, Pennsylvania, USA, a slow cooker that is both durable and beautiful. This lead-free oval black ceramic crock pot creates an impression of class and beauty.

All-Clad slow cooker is finished with polished stainless steel housing that is programmable, with 6.5 and 4 quarts available, and a handle that is also made with stainless steel.

The lid for this All-Clad slow cooker is a tempered glass that is built in such a way that it will hardly break or crack, if carefully handled, it will last you for a very long time.

To make the programming of this All-Clad slow cooker easy, the manufacturers :MetalCrafters SD 700450 built an LCD digital control system.

In This digital control system, there are push buttons, this set of buttons used in the controlling this slow cooker enables the user to program the All-Clad slow cooker to cook between 4- 20 hours at a time, although the total cycle time is 26 hours.

In-between the timers, there are two time modes in this All-Clad slow cooker: the high and the low mode. The high mode is anytime between 2- 8 hours, and the low mode is anytime between 4- 20 hours.

The handles do not get hot when the All-Clad slow cooker is in use, and the lid is robustly built to keep heat and moisture inside of the pot so that the food could get done at the appropriate timing programmed for it.

However, you do not need to put or use the insert of this All-Clad slow cooker in an oven to avoid it being broken or crack.

This slow cooker does not have a delayed start or keep warm mode, hence you need to plan your cooking time properly.

As a weight watcher, This slow cooker is one of the tools you will need if you must be successful in your weight loss goals.

When you buy this product from you will receive a user manual, and a life time warranty.

Here is the All-clad slow cooker feature in a nutshell:

1. Dimensions: 19.9 x 14 x 11.4 inches
2 Shapes: Oval
3 Size: 6.5 Quart
4 Crock Pot Construction: Stoneware
5 Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe
6 Keeping Food Warm Function: Yes
7 Housing: Stainless steel
8 Stove top and oven: Safe
9 Handles: Hard plastic
10 Timer: Digital timer
11 Lid Material: Tempered glass
12 Multi-functionality: Yes
13 Energy consumption: Approximately 0.7kWh
14 Wattage: 320
15 Locking lid: No
16 Programmable: Yes (Automatic)
17 Weight 12.5 pounds
18 Color Stainless Steel
19 Model SD700450
20 Price Check For Price


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