The Best Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, Programmable 7-Quart

Hamilton Beach slow cooker manufacturers values the convenience of their product user’s so much. That is why they made a slow cooker that is designed with a lot of user convenience in mind.

Hamilton Beach slow cooker is designed in such a way that while cooking you do not need to open the pot frequently, as a result, eliminating the chances of cooking for longer hours than necessary and also messy spills in your cooking area.

Hamilton Beach slow cooker is also designed in such a way that you can use it to convey your prepared meal to party or to work.

Unlike many slow cookers, this programmable Hamilton Beach slow cooker is built in such a convenient way that the heating element inside that heats the pot are wrapped around the crock pot, so well that everything in the pot can heat or cooked evenly.

This feature in this programmable Hamilton Beach slow cooker is so useful and very convenient for the user because it will mean that you will have no need to watch what is in the pot or have any need to stir until your food is done.

Like I said earlier, this Hamilton Beach slow cooker can be programmed to slow cook between 30 minutes to 18 hours, and it also has a keep warm mode.

This programmable feature in this Hamilton Beach slow cooker will also enable you to pre-determine how long the slow cooker will cook the food. As soon as the timer for the cooking reached zero, the slow cooker will automatically switched to keep warm mode.

The slow cooker also has a feature that you can use to roast your chicken and beef.

However, this Hamilton Beach slow cooker does not have “clock” feature; this feature enable you to set the slow cooker to start cooking at a pre-determined time.

This Hamilton Beach slow cooker is one of the tools that can be used to prepare many healthy food that are weight loss friendly.

When you buy this product from you will receive a user manual, also included is a legally backed 1 year limited warranty.

Here is the Hamilton Beach slow cooker feature in a nutshell:

1. Color: Stainless Steel
2 Shapes: Oval
3 Size: 7 Quart
4 Crock Pot Construction: Stoneware
5 Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe
6 Keeping Food Warm Function: Yes
7 Housing: Stainless steel
8 Stove top and oven: Oven: Safe
Stove top: Unsafe
9 Handles: Hard plastic
10 Timer: Digital timer
11 Lid Material: Tempered glass
12 Multi-functionality: Yes
13 Energy consumption: Approximately 0.7kWh
14 Wattage: 340
15 Locking lid: No
16 Programmable: Yes (Automatic)
17 Dimensions 11.2 x 17.1 x 10.9 inches
18 Weight 8.82 pounds
19 Model 33861
20 Price Check For Price


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